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Job opportunities at DSB - come join us!


The school employs more than 20 educators whose native language is generally German. Their goal is to support each student’s knowledge of the German language and help to achieve their individual best.
All teachers are highly motivated and strive to meet the individual needs of the children living abroad. Internal workshops and meetings give teachers the opportunity to share experiences and develop strategies.
Classroom visits conducted by the Principal help to reflect and optimize teaching goals.

DSB is always interested in meeting qualified teachers and preschool teachers. We offer a pleasant work environment, excellent compensation, outstanding professional training, regular teacher – workshops, and competent faculty. Class sizes vary between 9 and 15 students. A valid work visa must be present while employed. The teacher agrees to be present for the whole school year.

If you are an experienced teacher/preschool teacher and German is your native language, we would like to meet you.
Unfortunately, the school is not able to support you in obtaining your VISA or Work Permit.

Please Contact:

Sabine Greiss (Principal)