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German Second Language (DaZ) Grade 1 – 4

German Language Classes

The DaZ program is aimed at students who have developed German as a second language through a long-term stay in Germany and/or live in a multilingual family.

German language skills (oral and written) must be available in order to take part in the program. Placement tests may be required.

Class Curriculum

The curricula are based on the European Framework of Reference for the German language.

German As A Second Language (DaZ) Grade 1 – 11
German Library, German School for Michigan Students and Adults

Class Description

The lessons are conducted in a traditional classroom setting in the German language. Speaking occasions are based on the real life of the students. German customs and cultural heritage are introduced to the students in class. Topics such as Carnival, Easter, St. Martin, Nikolaus, and Christmas also flow into the lessons and school life. The annual lantern parade (lower classes up to second grade) in November and the visit from St. Nikolas in December are an integral part of the school year.

The school has an extensive school library with German-language books, games, audio books, CDs and DVDs for all age groups, which is regularly expanded. The newest addition are “Tonies” to improve listening and comprehension skills for younger students.