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German native speaker grade 1-4

German Language Classes

The curriculum for German lessons of the Native speakers Grades 1-4 were drawn up based on the educational plans for the elementary grades of Baden-Württemberg.

Class Curriculum

Classes are based on current schoolbooks, workbooks and a variety of additional materials that comply with the guidelines.

GERMAN for Native Speakers Elementary
German Library for students in Michigan

Class Description

In addition to learning the language of German, students are introduced to German customs and cultural assets as well. Topics such as Carnival, Easter, St. Martin, Nikolaus, and Christmas flow into the lessons and school life. The visit of St. Nicholas delights students in all grades every year. Our Kindergarten students tell the story of St. Martin at the popular lantern parade in November (Music class to 2nd grade). Students in 4th grade take the IVA1 (Internationale schulische Vergleichsarbeit) test. This is the first official proficiency test students take at DSB.

DSB has an extensive school library with German-language books, games, audio books, CDs and DVDs for all age groups, which is regularly expanded. The newest addition are “Tonies” to improve listening and comprehension skills of younger students.