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Adult - German Foreign Language

German Language Classes

The courses are offered in 3 different levels.

Class Curriculum

Class Curriculum for different modules

Adult German Classes for German Citizens in Michigan

Class Description

Having fun while learning is the best way to learn German.

Depending on the module, German lessons are designed in small groups in an interactive and flexible learning environment, tailored to the needs and abilities of the learners in order to improve their ability to communicate in the target language and appreciate the culture.

Learning German for adults offers many benefits and can help increase career prospects, educational levels, travel opportunities and cultural knowledge. The focus is on a practice-oriented and communicative teaching of the German language.

Beginner (Wednesday)
This courses (graduation at A1.1 or A1.2 level) is aimed at German learners without or with little previous knowledge, which is taught in a small learning group of 5 to max. 10 students. Using a textbook and additional materials, we prepare you for level A2 with a lot of communication, grammar, fun and enjoyment of the German language.

Advanced (Thursday)
This course is aimed at students with some prior knowledge and ends at A2 level. It follows the beginner courses.

Conversation (Thursday)
This conversation course is aimed at German learners with a similar language level, which is determined in advance by a placement test. The course ends at B2-C1 level. The course is offered in a small learning group of 5 to max. 10 students.

With the support of various materials and media, different topics and current affairs are dealt with and deepened.
Expand your vocabulary while having fun and gain more confidence in the use of grammatical structures in German.